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There is NO REFUND on this purchase.  I also promise I will NOT forward or distribute this Course Guide .pdf to any other person(s).  I also understand this purchase contains only the .pdf version of the course.  There are NO video lessons.  I must pay for an upgraded version to access videos.  

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Beginner Guitar Course! (.pdf Course Guide ONLY)

Are you ready to ROCK ON GUITAR!?

What you'll get as part of this course:

  • 117-page downloadable Course Guide .pdf to learn on your own. 
  • Access to the Chord Savvy® community on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to deepen your learning. @ChordSavvy #ChordSavvy

What you'll gain:

  • Understand how the guitar works
  • Understand the mindset of learning guitar
  • Understand guitar lingo and notation
  • Learn 24 most common guitar chords
  • Learn 8 open chord shapes
  • Learn 4 barre chord shapes
  • Learn power chords
  • Learn music theory behind chords
  • Learn strum patterns and technique
  • Homework assignments to reinforce learning
  • Chord Dexterity drills to practice
  • Check Yourself! tips for open and barre chords

[ There are NO REFUNDS on this purchase.  This course guide is offered in .pdf only, and does NOT include video lessons.  The content will only work if YOU DO THE WORK on your side, so be prepared to do a lot of drills, homework, and playing around.  And remember to have fun!  Remember that paying for a course increases your accountability to doing the work, so put some skin in the game, and let's get to work... If you do not do the work and push through the inevitable challenges of learning guitar, then you will not learn.  It's that simple. ]